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  • KGB Free Keylogger  202)   KGB Free Keylogger 4.51
    With KGB Free Keylogger, you will never lose any of your text, whether it was typed in an e-mail client, a text editor or an on-line form. This free program logs everything you type. Get your passwords, registration keys and other info safely logger

  • Password Recovery .MDB  203)   Password Recovery .MDB 2.5.1
    Password Recovery .MDB is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords of the protected databases of Microsoft Access 97/2000/2002-XP/2003.

  • Xpass  204)   Xpass
    Login secure websites without typing passwords!

  • LockItNow!  205)   LockItNow! 1.2
    Let your mobile phone lock and unlock your PC. When LockItNow! detects that you are no longer by your PC it locks it, keeping others from accessing it. When you return your PC is automatically unlocked, ready to be used.

  • PhishGuard for Firefox  206)   PhishGuard for Firefox 2.0.165
    PhishGuard is a FREE service that detects and rapidly disables Internet Phishing or Spoofing attacks designed to steal critical financial data. PhishGuard works with Mozilla Firefox to warn before you visit a known malicious site.

  • CryptoExpert 2006 Professional  207)   CryptoExpert 2006 Professional 7.8.2
    CryptoExpert creates new virtual hard drives that appears to applications like any other physical hard drive. Any data that the user attempts to write to this drive is intercepted and encrypted by CryptoExpert. Drive is invisible without password.

  • LogonExpert  208)   LogonExpert 4.2.2
    LogonExpert is a Windows automatic logon tool for your home/office computer or corporate server. LogonExpert quickly and securely logs in a user by direct interaction with the WinLogon system without using the registry.

  • Sleepy  209)   Sleepy 6.2
    Sleepy gives users the ability to easily lock or shut down one or more computers giving security and peace of mind. Sleepy is the perfect solution to securing business, schools and libraries after hours, and allow parents to protect their family PCs.

  • F-Secure Anti-Virus 2005  210)   F-Secure Anti-Virus 2005 2005
    Protect your PC against viruses and spyware when you are connected to the Internet. F-Secure Anti-Virus 2005 is very easy to install and to use. Updates automatically over Internet. You can safely read your e-mail and surf the Internet.

  • Lizard Safeguard PDF Security  211)   Lizard Safeguard PDF Security 2.6
    PDF document security software with DRM controls. Control who can view PDF documents & how they are used. Prevent copying, sharing, modifying, screen grabbing. Control the number of views and prints & when documents expire. No useless passwords.

  • Password Spectator Pro  212)   Password Spectator Pro 3.10
    When you enter your password on most sites, you see only asterisk signs. This feature is intended to protect your passwords; but sometimes this feature becomes more of a pain, rather than help. See the password behid the asterisks with this software.

  • SimplyRDP  213)   SimplyRDP 1.01
    Convert a desktop PC into a secure, managed network device that achieves all the benefits of thin client computing while prolonging the useful life of existing desktops.

  • Data Destroyer  214)   Data Destroyer 8.02
    A program for secure file deletion and disk wipe which destroys (by overwriting) data in multiple files and multiple folders on floppy, ZIP or hard disk so that the data cannot be recovered. Single-file or batch-mode operation.

  • SecureLock  215)   SecureLock 2.0
    Revolutionary product to hide,optionally encrypt file/folder/drive(FAT12,16,32)through backend. No hacker,virus could attack,Disk Editor would fail to show data.It remains locked in Dos,Safe Mode,Media Transfers.New "Simultaneous Encryption" devised.

  • PC Pandora - Online Detective  216)   PC Pandora - Online Detective 2007
    Record all secret passwords and take snapshots of the websites visited, emails sent and received, Instant Messages sent and received, Chat room conversions and other computer and Internet activity that is done on your PC. Easy, VCR-like playback.

  • Apex VCD Ripper  217)   Apex VCD Ripper 6.38
    Apex VCD Ripper convert VCD to any video as you like .It convert VCD video from dat to avi, mov, mpeg, wmv, rm, iPod, mp4, 3gp, flash swf, YouTube flv, mp3, wma, wav, gif animation.

  • PlexCrypt Compression-Encryption  218)   PlexCrypt Compression-Encryption 3.1
    PlexCrypt allows set of files or folders to compress and encrypts and decrypts set of files or set of folders based on PKI and Passwords using AES, Blowfish, CAST, DES, ElGamal, IDEA, IES, RC4, RC6, RSA, Serpent, etc.

  • Exterminate It!  219)   Exterminate It! 1.00
    Exterminate It! - powerful antivirus and antimalware solution defends your PC and notebook with ease. Personal Updates and Huge Malware Database help you to stay protected. Real Personal Protection with "Submit State" - clean you PC with next update.

  • IQ Test Trainer  220)   IQ Test Trainer Deluxe
    Iq Test Trainer- train your intelligence and become a genius !Train your intelligence with this powerful software based on neurophysiological mechanism called Backpropagation. Improve your IQ test score, memory and attention

  • Lobby Track - Employee Tracking Software  221)   Lobby Track - Employee Tracking Software 3.1
    Lobby Track Employee Tracking Software is a new secure tracking, access control, and visitor management software system allowing organizations to print visitor badges and ID Cards and track employees and equipment with detailed activity logs.

  • Dial-up Password Recovery Master  222)   Dial-up Password Recovery Master 1.3
    This password recovery tool helps the user to display logins and passwords for access to Internet, LAN, or to other computers as well as properties of network and dial-up connections stored by the system.

  • Account Reset Console  223)   Account Reset Console 5.01.090518
    The Account Reset Console provides your Help Desk with a fully audited and delegated way to reset your domain account passwords and account flags via any web browser.

  • Stealth Folder Hider  224)   Stealth Folder Hider 9.9
    With Stealth Folder you will be able to hide or encrypt any file or folder in your PC. Stealth folder is password protected. Stealth Folder also comes with Clear Trac, which clears all PC and internet activity (files).

  • Standalone - Antivirus, Spyware Scanner  225)   Standalone - Antivirus, Spyware Scanner 2.16
    Standalone - Antivirus, Spyware Scanner Remover. Standalone - Antivirus, Spyware Scanner Remover blocks virus and malware in Internet Explorer, MSN, AOL, CompuServe, SBCYahoo, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Juno, WMConnect and NetZero.

  • Reset Local Password Pro  226)   Reset Local Password Pro 3.0
    Allows you to change passwords for local accounts from a remote computer. No need to go to the remote machine to change local Administrator or other account passwords. A must have utility for any Network or Systems Administrator.

  • NOD32 (NT/2K/XP)  227)   NOD32 (NT/2K/XP) 2.0
    The NOD32 Antivirus System provides balanced state-of-the-art protection against threats endangering your PC, running on various platforms.

  • Lock Folder XP  228)   Lock Folder XP 3.9.1
    Lock Folder XP is a new security tool that lets you lock your files, folders and drives with your personal password. Protect your files from hackers, viruses and mischief.

  • NetConceal Anonymity Shield DE  229)   NetConceal Anonymity Shield DE 5.5
    Verbergen Sie Ihre IP-Adresse für den anonymen Internetzugang. Unechtes IP erscheint statt Ihres echten. Alle unterstützten Anwendungen: WWW-Browser, Instant-Messenger, Dateitausch und andere.

  • VirIT eXplorer Lite  230)   VirIT eXplorer Lite 6.0.77
    Clean your computer of virus, spyware, worm, trojan, backdoor, dialer, BHO, adware, hijacker, malware software. Intrusion detection system in real time.

  • Access Manager for Windows  231)   Access Manager for Windows 9.7
    Access Manager for Windows allows you to restrict access to to key features of Windows, such as Control Panels or Start menu, network, Taskbar, desktop, system tray, Network Access Control Page, Control Internet usage and more

  • Spyware Bomb  232)   Spyware Bomb 3.1
    Spyware Bomb is the only software tool to remove spyware and adware for FREE!

  • PenProtect  233)   PenProtect 1.02
    PenProtect is the best solution to secure data stored in a USB Flash Drive, Pen Drive or Flash Memory. Protection data with Password and AES encryption (256 bit key). PenProtect requires no installation, is a single file in the home folder.

  • MDB Unlock for Access  234)   MDB Unlock for Access
    Password recovery utility a great help for MDB file password recovery. The tool finds password to protected Jet Database files. It powered by password removal module that helps to remove opened passwords for JET 95, 2000, XP, 2003, 97 MDB databases.

  • WiFi Guardian  235)   WiFi Guardian 1.6
    Surf securely through WiFi Hotspots or regular connections and protect your privacy by encrypting your Internet traffic. Your personal information, bank accounts, credit card numbers, passwords are now protected.

  • Privileged Password Management  236)   Privileged Password Management 4.0.107
    Privileged Password Management secures and audits all operations with privileged passwords, randomizing them on a scheduled basis. Members of the IT team can securely access all passwords from a web browser.

  • My Safety Pin  237)   My Safety Pin 1.1
    Aid to remembering your pin numbers. Stores your pin number within a table of random numbers which you print out. Easily retrive your number using word keys. Use at your own risk.

  • Norton AntiVirus  238)   Norton AntiVirus 2004
    Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus 2004 is the world’s most trusted antivirus solution.† It protects email, instant messages, and other files by automatically removing viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Now detects spyware and keystroke loggers.

  • GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner  239)   GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner 9
    GFI LANguard is a vulnerability management solution offering security scanning, patch management and network auditing through a single, integrated console and provides you with the tools needed to detect, assess, report and rectify any threats.

  • PCMesh Data Recovery and Wipe  240)   PCMesh Data Recovery and Wipe 2.1
    Use PCMesh <a href="">Data Recovery and Wipe</a> to recover lost files after a disk format or deletion. Also as a security measure you should wipe the delete data beyond recovery.

  • Aurora Password Manager  241)   Aurora Password Manager 3.0
    Aurora Password Manager is a full-featured password management solution ideally suited for both corporate and individual users. The program supports multi-user access to the password database and privilege management.

  • Keylogger Spy Software  242)   Keylogger Spy Software 3.501
    Invisibly records every activity(web,chats, emails, screen-shots, keystrokes, passwords, microphone) on your computer. Now you can spy on your: spouse, children,employees, monitor school labs... Away from home, It can even send you the logs by email.

  • Firewall Fortify  243)   Firewall Fortify 1.1
    Protect your private web data such as passwords, banking info, or credit card numbers from being stolen or sent from your computer without your permission. Automatically be alerted when possible sensitive info could be compromised from your PC.

  • Ulead VideoStudio  244)   Ulead VideoStudio 10
    Ulead VideoStudio 8 is home video-editing software that makes editing movies as fun as shooting them. Easily capture, enhance and share movies on DVD, tape, the Web and mobile devices.

  • My Privacy  245)   My Privacy 4.0
    My Privacy probes the confidential information stored on your computer on its vulnerability to unauthorized access by hackers. The software finds all personal information and suggests its unrestorable erasure. Always keep on the safe side!

  • G-Zapper  246)   G-Zapper 1.45
    G-Zapper helps you stay anonymous while searching Google. Block and delete the Google cookie which stores a unique identifier on your PC, allowing them to track the keywords you search for.

  • Asterisk Password Recovery XP  247)   Asterisk Password Recovery XP 1.89
    Many applications under Windows system allow a convenient storage of frequently used passwords, Asterisk Password Recovery XP is designed to help you read these passwords that are covered by the asterisks(*****).

  • Antidote Free  248)   Antidote Free 2008
    Free anti-viral scanner with update function. Virus base more than 1 million records. Without limits for detecting malware and curing/deleting found viruses.

  • Spyware Cease  249)   Spyware Cease
    Spyware Cease is an award-winning antispyware that can easily and effectively detect and remove malicious PC threats which can slow down PC performance, generate unwanted pop-ups, change Internet configurations and even steal personal information.

  • Steel USB Sentry  250)   Steel USB Sentry 2.0
    Steel Usb Sentry controls usage of portable storage media such as iPods, USB Sticks, Usb hard drives. Network USB sentry effectively prevents users from introducing malicious programs, pirated softwares and other un-authorized data in the network.

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